Posted by: orst86 | February 7, 2012

Feb 6 Ft. Lauderdale

Near 26d. 8.137′ N 78d. 45.226′ W

We were the last of the five ships leaving.

First thing to get to ship…eat lunch. What can you eat? You name it, it’s served. And it’s all you can eat. Ouch.

Finally all of our group got aboard. Most of stayed at same hotel, so getting to port was no big issue. Hotel sent a van and we were the only ones on it. The entire port area does only cruise business it seems, and security is like an airport in many ways. Mom and dad were last. Their plane was later arriving and they nearly missed out on lunch!!

Our lifeboat drill was interesting. Had to meet at Boat 2. Only thing I can’t figure out is how they are going to fit all those people in one little boat. Dibs on a seat! Although they did say there was an order to the loading, tall(er) guys are in the back of the line (SOL kinda, huh?). We didn’t have to wear vests for the drill because too many people trip up on the straps. Hmmm and like how is that going to work in a real emergency? Oh, and if you refuse to do the drill they kick you off the ship.

After drill we had about an hour to lose ourselves in the ship. And confusing it is. And of course dinner was served at 530pm, a mere 3 hours from lunch. This time it was a long pants affair. And most people picked the prime rib, which was good.

The only issue now is that even though the ship is cooking along at 23mph, the seas are rough enough that I can feel the rocking. I’m sitting at the front (bow) of the ship and I think it is more rough than my flight last night, which was bad enough dodging storms.

The ships isn’t the biggest, but big enough to lose yourself. Getting to the Internet cafe, I managed to go through one comedy show, one quilting class, a bingo game, a casino, two dance floors, a live jazz band, a rock band, and a disco. And I was headed the wrong way!!

Weather is a warm muggy 75-80 the seas are rolling, but only notice in certain places of the ship (usually wherever I’m at the moment) . The average age of a passenger is about 60 or so.

Tomorrow we can go ashore at Half Moon Cay. What adventures lie in wait??? You’ll have to tune in to see.


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