Posted by: orst86 | February 10, 2012

Day 3

Approximately 18d 27.4 ‘N. 74d. 31.04’

This day is a day “at sea” meaning no docking the ship for excursions. The ship is moving along at about 23 mph. And we went right over a deep ocean trench. The ship maps showed about 7500 ft. I don’t think this is going to be the deepest we’ll go over, but it is deep here.

Our course took us right between Cuba and Haiti. We could’nt see Cuba but were only about 2-3 miles off the cliffs from the high point of Haiti . Saw lots of little fishing boats, which paddled drastically to get out of the way of the ship. Their nets, however, got nearly ran right over by the ship.

The attached photos were taken from the balcony of the stateroom. The mountains of Haiti are high enough to be cloud covered. I noticed what may not be evident in the photos are the great number of fires burning. And the lack of general trees of any great height, I’d guess that they cut them down for making charcoal, which is evident by the smoke.

I also took some photos of the little sail ships that they fish from and the rear prop wash .

The ship has these nacelle type pods for the rear screws which allows for 360 degree turning.  Instead of being pushed by the screws, we are actually being pulled by them.

We have our formal dinner tonight, suit, tie and jacket.  I also forgot to put up my photo of me in the surf from Half Moon Cay.   The ship in background is the Maasdam another Holland America ship which had left Ft. Lauderdale just a few minutes before us.

Our dining table is right at the very back of the ship, so we get a lot of the prop/shaft noise, and it is noisy. Feed was good so far, I don’t know what is being served. I think one item is lobster. The other must be a red meat.

Next stop is Aruba, arriving at 1pm tomorrow.   apparently the ABC islands are famous for the diving, the colorful houses and jewelery stores.. Any one want some cheap diamonds?


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