Posted by: orst86 | February 13, 2012

Day 7

11d 7.9’N
75 d 40.3′ W

About forty miles off the coast of Venezuela/Colombia.

Well we hit the one week mark. “only” a week to go. The bad thing is that during that most of this next week, it is traveling time, that is to say no stops.

Today was a on ship day, again, a day on the move. They have all sorts of things to do, too much on one hand. And of course they are trying to sell you all the fine jewels you cannot afford.  If you like casino’s, quilting, live shows, buying over priced items (duty free), getting drunk or just plain binge eating…these travel days are for you!

My favorite spot is at deck 10 the Internet lounge, observation deck or also called the Crow’s Nest. It’s inside out of the wind but has forward facing windows where you can see where we are going…blue blue ocean all around.

Tonight we gain an hour back to eastern time. On this trip we will change the clocks 4 times.  Like it matters.  Should just be ship time, sort of like Star Trek’s Star date….”Captain’s Log, Star date…..we’ve been overcome by food…”

We should arrive at the Panama Canal at about 530am, cue up, and then transit the the locks around 7-730am . If you want to and get this, you can watch on the canal web cam at Our ship is the Zuiderdam Holland America.  Unlike most cruise ships it has a dark blue hull rather than a white hull.

While we are steaming along, you can look overboard and see all sorts of flying fish as they pop out of the water I guess scared of the passing ship. Pretty cool. Some are tiny ones which look like little dragon flies, others are bigger.

Tomorrow, the canal….


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