Posted by: orst86 | February 15, 2012

Day 9

9 d 59′ W
83 d 1.4′ N

Puerto Limon, Costa Rica.

Arrived to this working port only to find the cruise ship that was just behind us in the locks was now docked next to us. Turns out it’s a German cruise starting out of Buenos Aires Argentina. A smaller ship they had about 3 feet of clearance at the locks compared to our 1 foot clearance. Turns out they are on a 99 day Cruise!  Oh, I guess I was wrong.  Within minutes of us docking, painting crews were on the dock touching up both hulls.  Apparently it is not cool to have scuff marks from the canal on one’s hull.

Today I got to do something I’d never thought I’d get the chance to try nor have the guts to do….zip lining.
There were 12 cables some were 250 feet off the ground and 300-400 meters long. Super cool. Got to see spider monkey in the tree.  Probably was thinking what the heck the dang Yanqui was doing tied to a wire flying between trees…
It was eating some sort of flower. This was a popular excursion, with three bus loads full, about 75 people. We were the last group to get there.

I had this cool idea from the start to wear my video glasses and catch the entire thing on camera.  Yeah, right.  Damn things failed me.  Nothing, nada, blank, 0KB file.  Luckily I has also carrying my other camera and shot some stills along the way from the platforms.

This type of zipping is totally safe. Use two cables and dual locking rings on the pulley. The only issue for some was the fact that at times the platform was too small for the 10 people waiting to go. Traffic jam didn’t last long. If you ever get the chance you gotta try this.

We got to see wild banana trees, cocoa bean trees and lots of jungle flowers and even massive growths of bamboo. I guess those are not native, brought here by Chinese immigrants. Puerto Limon isn’t a touristy time, rather it’s a working dock. Bananas come out of here, 6 days to the US and 14 days to Europe., cut green they are bagged and gassed with ethylene gas to speed ripen them on the ships and packing containers.

Had our last formal in honor of valentines day. Oddly enough I tried on my Dad’s dress coat and it fit, so I didn’t stand out as I usually do with a coat on. I guess I as lucky that I figured that one out, as this ONE dinner, they didn’t let anyone in without a jacket!  Doesn’t matter anymore now that the last formal is over.

Tomorrow a sea day. Going to sleep in to 630 before getting up and doing miles on the deck.  Gotta get ready for the biathlon back home you know.

We are headed back to FL going around the north coast of Cuba. Two at sea days, no stops.




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