Posted by: orst86 | February 16, 2012

Day 10

17d 24.6′ N
82d 17.3′ W

Approx. 180 miles east of Nicaragua

First off, I guess I mis labeled the days. Missed 9 doubled up on day 8. I’m sure you can figure it out.

We are at sea, windy, these big ships are so tall and flat any little gust of wind effects the action on board. The ship does have stabilizers, which helps with the side to side rocking. We’ve been maneuvering all day long to avoid rain squalls. Thus far no rain has hit us.

We’re pushing along as fast as the ship can do, about 25mph. We’re going over some deep water. Last time I looked it was about 13,000 ft below us. That’s pretty dang deep. Kathy informs me that we’re in some of the warmest water (81F). No, I didn’t stick a toe in the water to find out….

Of course we are no where near sight of land, the photo is from along the side of the ship obviously. The water is a clear deep blue, same color as the gem stones that they are selling duty free on board. Sure, yep, I’ll take that $7000 ring, and I believe that you marked it down 70%. Whatever. They had an art auction on board as well. First item sold for $13,000, guess that is pocket change for some people. I just reviewed the paintings, didn’t like even one of them…no need for me to float a loan. And, of course, they *say* that they are giving us lucky people on board.

Some other people in our party of 12 got to go to an exclusive lunch with the captain. Oh boy. Sort of a frequent cruiser perk. Apparently you get free gifts like Dutch blue&white coasters or if you’ve done 100+ days of cruising you get this massive shiny gold medallion. Probably made of chocolate.

Pretty much the whole day was just moving from one event or class. Went to a towel folding not to fold the towels better for Kathy, rather it’s about making all those animals that one hears about all the time. Tonight we came in to the cell….I mean….cabin to find a monkey hanging there. A towel monkey not a real one. Duh.

Average age on board is running about 60. There are a handful of us young’ns aboard. Oddly enough I ran to a family of Oregon State Beavers. They still live in Corvallis also. The dad was wearing an OSU football t shirt, so I went up and asked whether he went to OSU or whether he found the shirt in a bargain bin. So I’ve met a couple of people.

I’m bummed out. I’d used my video glasses on the zip line, only to find it didn’t record anything. Dang. Would have made for a good video to watch. Only had a few other shots made with my camera. Just doesn’t give justice how high and fast you are moving. I’m hoping it is only because I don’t have access to reading an .avi file I cross my fingers on that one.

One more day at sea. Last report tomorrow night

Ted .


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