Posted by: orst86 | February 16, 2012

Last day

23 d 19.4′ N
83 d 32.9 W

Off the coast of Cuba.

Second at sea cruise day, we are about 350 miles out of Ft. Lauderdale. Suppose to arrive at 630am with first people leaving the ship at 730am. All people will be off the ship by 1030am so they can clean and turn it around for the next cruise. How they clean up a ship with 1900 people aboard and turn it around in about 3 hrs is beyond me. However I do know that the longer they stay in port not moving, the more money they lose.

Last day on my cruise. Master chef dinner. Some sort of big finale food send off. Told to bring camera. Probably going to bring out a whole roasted pig and slaughter it all up for entertainment. If you like food of all types and like to visit bar after bar after bar, this is the place to be. I counted no fewer than six different bars with different themes. And they stay open late of course. They really make their money on drinks.

Pretty much the best thing to do is lounge on deck. Today there is very little wind, no ocean waves and the ship is really smooth sailing. Overnight we went over deep water and are now in a more coastal area <2000 ft of water. I’ve only seen on very large cargo ship about five miles off, since then nothing.

We got to about 20 miles off the northern tip of Cuba, couldn’t see it much more than a dark line on the horizon though.

Also found out that this ship will be going in dry dock for retro fit some time this year. I guess it is showing it’s age some what. Oddly enough most of the ship smells like paint and varnish. This is because the crew is constantly scraping old varnish off the wood and rust off metal and painting. I’ve found crews all times of the day doing that sort of work. They are constantly working on something.

I guess the crew works on a ten month contract. Then they get two or three months off and get new contracts based on seniority and ratings of their work. They can request to go on cruises to different ports if they wish as well, as long as they do a good job. They live in the four decks below deck A, that is all in the hull under water with no portholes or windows. Would be interesting to see how their living conditions are, but, of course, those areas are off limits. The laundry is down there as well as the main engine room. Then there is also storage of food stock.

Speaking of food, last night was the dessert bar out by the main pool at 11pm. Every single dessert that they make was on display and you could eat until you burst if you wanted to, and some people did. You name it, they had some form of it on hand.

Well it’s been adventure for sure. Once I get back I’ll post more photos when I’m not running up Internet tabs at $0.55 per minute.

I’ll be home tomorrow. Hopefully my lovely wife and terrific kid will remember to come and collect me at the airport and NOT forget my winter jacket!!!



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